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Ms-21 dec 2008

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MS-21    Dec, 2008


1.  Describe  briefly the  salient  features  of  counseling in  organizations.  Discuss  the possible  outcomes of counselling.

2.  Explain briefly  the  Behaviourist  and Cognitive approaches  to  learning  and  their  relevance  in organizations.

3.  How  do groups  form  ?  What are  the conditions for  enhancing  group  effectiveness.

4. What  are  the  characteristics  of  a  Learning Organization  and  explain  how  a  learning organization  differs  from  a  Traditional Organisation.

5.  Write short  notes  on any three of.  the  following

(a)  Power vs. Authority

(b)  Emotional Intelligence

(c)  Political Implications

(d)  Corporate Governance

(e)  Transaction  Analysis


6.  Read the  case  gizten  belozo  and  anszoer  the questions  given at  the end.

Mr.  Subash  works  at the headquarters  of a multinational  Motorbike company.  His task  was to  process  warranty  claims and  advice service engineers  working  in  the  field  with  distributors throughout  the  world.  Then Mr.  Subash  heard of an  opening  for a  field engineer  in this  company itself.  As a first  step,  Mr.  Subash  approached  his immediate  superior  Mr.  Manohar  and  asked  to be  considered  for  the  post.  He was told  to mind his  present  job  sincerely  with  an assurance  that his request  would  be considered.later  on.  After sometime  while  Mr.  Manohar was on a business trip,  Subash  approached  Ms. Sarala,  the  Service Manager for  international  operations,  who  was of  course  the boss  of  Mr.  Manohar.  During  the discussion,  Ms. Sarala,  who  favoured promoting young  talents  from  within  the  company  realized that  Mr. Subash  was  well qualified  for  the  position of a  field engineer.  Ms.  Sarala  promised  to  talk  to Mr.  Manohar after his return  from  the trip. One week later,  Mr.  Manohar called  Subash  to his room  and said,  "I  learnt  you have  talked  to Ms. Sarala  while  I  was  away about the  position of  field  engineer.  I  would not  like  you  to  be  shifted at  this  moment,  as  very recently  we  have  switched over to  a computerised  claim-processing  system and I  need  your  services  because  you  have  the broadest  experience  among  all the  seven  persons working  under  me on this project."  Subash  was shocked  to  see  the  logic as  to why  he  should not seek  for  promotion  and why  should he not  be considered  for  the same,  as  he fulfils  all  the eligibitity  criteria  for  being appointed  as  a field engineer.  He was not  able  to justify  the stand taken  by  his superior  as  he should  be punished for  being  the  most experienced  person in  the group. Two  weeks later,  a field  engineer  was appointed  from  outside the  organisation  with almost identical qualifications but  with  a little more experience.  Subash  was wondering  what he should do next.


l.  Identify  the problem  in  the case. What would  be your  next  step, if  you  were Subash  ?

2. How  would  you  react  to this  development, if  you were the CEO  of the  organisation and it  was done wlth/  without  your  consent/knowledge  ?

3. How  do  you  perceive the  role  of  Mr.  Manohar and other  superiors  as  Managers ?  Do you  think it  may  lead  to  any  organisational problem  ?  If yes,  why  ?

4. Do you  see  this  development  as  a solitary  case  or a happening  which  may  have  its  bearing  on  the overall  work  culture  of  the  organization

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