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IB0-02 December, 2012 International Marketing Management

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December, 2012

IB0-02 : International Marketing Management


1.  Write short notes on  any two of the following :

(a)  Essentials of effective segmentation of international markets.

(b)  International Product life cycle.

(c)  Transfer pricing.

(d)  Piggy backings in international distribution.

2.  Distinguish between any two of the following :

(a)  International marketing mix and promotion mix.

(b)  Ethnocentric and geocentric orientations of international marketing.

(c)  Direct exporting and Indirect exporting modes of international market entry.

(d)  Product and service.


Attempt any four of the following questions :

3.  Do you think that Indian companies have  adequately responded to changes in domestic and external environments, and have carried out the necessasry modifications in their international marketing strategies ? Explain in detail with suitable examples.

4.  An Indian company decided to enter international  markets by associating another company established in the foreign market. What are the various modes of market entry available to the Indian company ?

5.  What are the risks involved in the new product development ? Briefly explain the process of the new product developement.

6.  Compare different approaches to budgeting for  international advertising.

7.  (a) "Advances in information technology has facilitated international marketing". Comment.

(b) Briefly explain the sequence of control process used to control international marketing operations.

8.  "International marketing research is full of  complexities". Comment.

9.  (a) State the steps involved in the international marketing management process.          

(b) "Publicity always generates positive impact on the sales of a product". Critically evaluate the statement. 

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