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IB0-05 December, 2012 International Marketing Logistics

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December, 2012

IB0-05 : International Marketing Logistics

1.  Define Marketing Logistics and state its objectives. Also identify the recent developments in international logistics.

2.  (a) Why is inland water transport rarely used for movement of export-import cargo in India ? How can the situation be improved ?

(b) Explain the perpetual review system and periodic review system of replenishment of inventories.

3.  What are the problems faced by air transport industry in India ? State the impact of operation of private airways.

4. (a) Describe the importance of ocean transport in foreign trade of a country.

(b) State the problems faced by shipping industry in India.

5. (a) What is a bill of lading ? Discuss its main functions.            

(b) Describe the liabilities of MTO under Multi-Modal Transportation of Goods Act, 1993.

6.  Discuss the various environmental aspects which an organisation engaged in foreign trade has to reckon with and clarify their impact on the logistics system.

7.  What is Maritime Fraud ? State its dimensions and the factors that lead to commitment of Maritime Frauds.

8.  Write explanatory notes on  any two  of the following :           

(a)  Counterfeiting Intelligence Bureau.

(b)  Role of AISC

(c)  Conference System

(d)  Multi-modal Transportation. 

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