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Saturday, 05 December 2015 10:40

Windows Proagramming

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Windows Proagramming
1)Write an event procedure to find and display the string - length of an input string.

2) Create a simple VB application to simulate the billing application of a gas - agency. The bill should contain the bill-no (auto generated), date and time also. Design the
user - interface with appropriate controls. Also, design the splash - screen for this

3)Write an event procedure to sort list of n - numbers in ascending order. Design an user - friendly interface for the application with appropriate controls.

4)Create a simple VB application to simulate the generation of a LIC premium receipt . The premium receipt should contain the Policy No. date, time, details of the policy, name of the policy holder, address and amount. Design the splash screen for this application.

5) Write an event procedure to concatenate two strings given as input and should display the resultant string. Use appropriate controls to design the user-interface.

6) Create a VB application to simulate the menu-design NOTE-PAD. Note : No need of doing any programming for the application menu - design is enough

7) Create a form with a picture-box. Find 3 interesting pictures and use a timer control to cycle these 3 pictures every one second. Place an exit button to close the application.

8) Write an event procedure to display the type of the triangle, given the measurements of its 3 sides by the user.

9) Create a form where the user enters some text into a text-box control and have the result
output into a label in a different font with the colour change in the background of the form.

10) Write an event procedure to collect an ,integer from the user and find out whether the given
integer is an odd integer or an even one. Design a splash screen for this application. Use
appropriate controls on the form.

11) Collect the first name, middle name and the last name from the user on three separate
, text-boxes and display the user's short J name.

12) Write a Visula Basic program to compute the FV (Future Value)of an investment. The formula
to be used is as follows :
FV - Investment * (1 + Interest rate ) years
Also, design a splash screen for this application. Use appropriate controls to design the User


13) Design a simple application DVD's, writing pads, pens, wherever necessary. to generate a bill for a stationery shop which sells books, CD's, pencils and other stationery items. Assumptions can be made

14) create a VB program to introduce yourself should provide the complete information appropriate controls on the form. to the lab faculty. when the program is run,it about yourself. Design a good interface with

15) Create a VB application to simulate a simple calculator to perform the arithmetic operations like addition , multiplication , division and finding out percentage, Select and place appropriate controls on the form to provide user - friendly interface . 

Create a menu similar to that of a note-pad application using menu editor 

16) Create VB application to calculate and display the Gross-pay ,Deductions and the Net-pay for the employees of the company , given the Basic Pay, TA , DA, Perks, HRA and deductions(GPF, medical contribution , pension scheme , loans).The pay-slip should consist of all the details of the employee along with the pay details . Consider the following details for calculating the DA,HRA perks, allowances.

TA=RS800/ for the employees
DA=40% of basic pay
Perks =3% of basic pay
HRA = 30% of basic pay

17) Create a VB application to check whether the given string is a palindrome or not.

18) Create a simple application to simulate the billing system for an automobile spare parts shop .Also design the splash screen for this application. The UI should be user-friendly with appropriate controls.

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