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1. Write an HTML code to generate the study centre name, study centre 
place and 
the state where you are studying your BIT programme. use frame based
approach. Make 
necessary assumptions and indicate them.

2.What is JSP ? Write at least five advantages of JSP

3. Design a feedback form for any of the Universitys websites. Use HTML. Your form

should have basic formatting features. Make necessary assumptions and indicate
4. Design a 
home page for any movie theatre. Use HTML. Use frame-based approach.
.Assumptions can be made wherever necessary.

5.. Design an Order-form for any 
online store (for an E-commerce website). Appropriate
controls are to be placed for various inputs and events. Write necessary code for the
above problem using ASP or CGI program using PERL.

6)Design a web page similar to any of the user-registration for a free email account.
The form should consist of all the details with appropriate controls on them. VI should
be user-friendly.
Implement using ASP
CGI programming using PERL.

7) Design a web page for any 
Computer Institute for the students' registration into a
particular course./programme/module. Design the user interface with appropriate
Implement using ASP
CGI programming using PERL.

8)Write HTML code to generate the home page of any Educational Institute. It should watch all the essential features on the home - page. Assumption can be made wherever necessary.

9) Explain the role of ASP in the web page design. Illustrate with an example.

10) Design a 
registration form for an e-mail account. Use ASP/CGI using PERL to make it functional. Draw the sample layout of the form.

11) Design a homepage for a news-website. Use HTML, ASP/CGI using PERL.

12) Explain at least five main menu options of any of the web - browses.

13) Write HTML code to generate the UNIVERSITY NAME, ADDRESS and a logo at the
left corner of the page- Use frame based approach to add the options like About
university, For students, Regional Centres, Divisions, schools and Recruitments to the
left' side of the page and corresponding text should be displayed on the right
frame/main frame.

14) What is the role of the VBScript in HTML pages ? Explain with' the help of an example.

15) Design an online Examination form for the students to apply for the exams of theory as well as practical courses. Try to place appropriate controls on the form. Write necessary code for the above problem using ASP or CGI using PERL.

16) Design a home page for an enterprise which has E-Commerce application launched on it. Use HTML. Use frame-based approach

17) Design an online-poll application. The application should consist of a question(s) and
3 answers (YES, NO and CANT' SAY). Depending upon the selection of the choice, it
should display the results in a Bar chart form.

Write the necessary code for the above problem using ASP or CGI using PERL.

18) write atleast five advantages of use of Javascript in HTML documents'

19) Design a suggestion feedback form for any of the review of the product whose information is placed online. Assumptions can be made wherever necessary .

20) Design an order-form for an online electronics store Appropriate controls should be
placed for various inputs and events' Write necessary code for the above problem Use ASP or PERL 

21) Design a webpage that consists of a form whose title and heading is FIND ADDRESS. It should consist of a text box labelled as 
ENROLLMENT NUMBER. It should also consist of SUBMIT and RESET buttons. On clicking SUBMIT button, the address of student whose enrollment number is input in text box should be displayed.
Make necessary assumptions. Implement using ASP or CGI programming using PERL.

22) Design a web page similar to any of the on-line polling applications (in the form of
objective questions) and display the statistics as per the result (YES, NO' CAN'T SAY)'
UI should be user-friendly.

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